For Teachers

We know how important your work is. It is you who plants the seeds and makes the leaders of tomorrow understand what is happening today. What our children learn and understand, largely depends on the way today's leaders think. But most−if not all−governing bodies do not understand how crucial this phase for the leaders of tomorrow is.

When submitting a new idea / topic, please add:

1. Topic in general (e.g. overfishing of sharks)
2. Subtopic in particular (e.g. pelagic sharks)
3. What you like to be highlighted or seen more in depth (e.g., blue sharks in the Azores)
4. Duration (we normally write a lecture for 45 minutes, but can extend it to 90 minutes = 2 lectures)
5. We offer lectures in Keynote or Powerpoint

For Non-Teachers

For effect of SharKnights largely depends on how many teachers of how many countries join the cause and spread the word about the plight of sharks and the realm they live in. But all too often, a teacher is not yet aware that we exist, but you do, and that is where your input is greatly appreciated: find new teachers and make them aware of the SharKnights and SharkSchool Teaching. Thank you!

You checked this site because you are interested in helping the cause?

We all know a teacher or two who educate young students between the age of 6 and 15. Make the connection, send him or her our link, and make them aware that there is an organization who helps tailoring lectures, who creates lectures to the need of a particular school, a particular level, a particular way of thinking etc ...

The earlier a student learns about the ocean and its inhabitants, the sooner the seed is planted, and the quicker he or she learns that what is portrait through TV and other media is largely incorrect.