The crusade of the SharKnights is a global one to educate children of all ages, heritages and societies about the plight of the ocean, and its top predators - the sharks - and what will happen if the destruction and the overfishing continues. SharKnights is run by all the educators and instructors that teach today's children. The organization is sponsored by the SharkSchool and SharkSchool Teaching, but the direction SharKnights takes is determined by teachers' votes only.

The Generation of Tomorrow

Today’s society is not yet sensitive enough to the needs of nature and to reduce its ever increasing destruction. For too long western societies - and their governing bodies - lived in a world where monetary interests came first suffocated nature and its needs. The generation of tomorrow is taught today and the sooner this very generation is made sensitive to the needs of nature and put in charge the better the chance that today’s world can still be saved−tomorrow.

SharKnights is part of SharkSchool and SharkSchool Teaching